Our Services: Retirement Planning Houston

CRIS Financial is one of the most highly regarded retirement planning firms in the country.   No matter what level of experience you have with investing, we can develop a customized financial program that takes your entire profile into account: your age, assets, goals, objectives and more.

As we work together to create and maintain your personalized financial program, our advisors will educate and inform you regarding every investment opportunity and preservation strategy available.  Consistent with our Safe Investment Alternative approach, we will carefully walk you through a step-by-step process that will allow you to feel confident with your financial decisions throughout every stage of life.

Even if you are not actively interested in retirement planning,  CRIS Financial advisors can help you position your assets, that not only protects your principal, but allows you the upside potential without the downside risk.  Whether it's about Growth, Safety, Income or leaving a legacy, our primary objective is to not lose one dime.  We want your money to be there when you need it most. Once your goals have been established, CRIS Financial will customize an appropriate strategy to suit your vision and meet your objectives based on your risk tolerance. We will help you execute a solid financial program that will accomplish your goals.  We don't believe in Buy and Hold, we don't think you need to be in the market 365 days a year, we create an exit strategy and we use Private Wealth Managers (institutional traders) that have proven, long term track records and actively manages your portfolio everyday.  No fees to get in, no fees to get out and no commissions paid.  Our goal is to reduce your risk by 80 %.

We are here to help you with:

  • Retirement income planning
  • Tax management
  • Investment management
  • Retirement strategies
  • Estate conservation
  • Insurance and Annuity products (used to mitigate risk)
  • IRAs and IRA rollovers
  • 401K rollovers

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If you are ready to speak with a financial advisor/retirement planning professional, contact CRIS Financial now to request a Free Strategy Consultation appointment. John Glowacz or Jim Donewald will be glad to meet with you, listen to your questions and concerns, and provide you with information that can help you make better informed decisions with education.

This is a no-obligation appointment, but we appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and present you with our qualifications. Contact us now for investment strategies, asset management and retirement planning services.